10-11.12.2013 Moscow President Hotel

The Transport Services Market: Cooperation and Partnership is an industry-specific conference for operators of rolling stock, freight owners, rail carriers and state regulators in Russia. It is intended to be a platform for discussing the technological issues related to the organisation of railway carriage, as well as practical ways for RZD JSCo, rail operators and customers to work together.

Discussions will be held in an open-minded and friendly atmosphere with focus on the key innovations in the rail transport market and implications they will have for the parties concerned. This format is designed to promote transparent discussion between the customer, operator, carrier, and government, thus ensuring that all participants’ opinions on the legislative and regulatory initiatives in the field of railway transport are heard.

The conference is attended by approximately 600 delegates every year, including representatives from the Ministry of Transport and RZD JSCo, as well as by independent experts and scientists. The event is covered by dozens of industry publications.